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Teacher Gifts that Rock and Those that Smell Like an Old Sock


“The best are just little hand-written cards,” Mr. Mrozinski said.


When it comes to showing appreciation to teachers, it can be hard to know exactly what they would like. Some, like Mr. Mrozinski, really appreciates getting meaningful gifts. He said rather than getting a gift card or a store bought card, he finds it more meaningful for a student to actually write something out. Mrozinski said that the best gift he’s received was really unique: some boys, from a few years back, that were in a band had gotten him an acoustic guitar and made him the metal guitar sculpture that hangs in his classroom today.

However, he didn’t really know what to do when he was gifted a giant, stuffed hammer-head shark. It resided in his classroom for a couple years before he donated it.


Other teachers appreciate the typical gifts such as Mr. Giddings, who said he liked Starbucks, fast food, and movie gift cards.


“Diet Coke and chocolate,” Mrs. Hamby said; although, the best gift she’s ever gotten was by far the picture frame and quote she received from a student who’s already graduated. (see above)



Mrs. Braun said that she would like iced tea and diet coke; however, she would rather her students be respectful and appreciative to their peers. Instead of spending money on her, she would be especially thankful for students to participate when the school has canned food drives or an Adopt A Family. She said the only gift she’d gotten and didn’t know what to do with were ceramic figurines and candles. (see above)

In the end, when it comes to showing appreciation to teachers, it really depends on the kind of person they are and the things they appreciate.