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Passion for Fashion


Greenway girls have fashionable tastes.  From seniors to freshmen, the ladies of Greenway are very particular about what they wear.  One can see a wide variety of styles around campus, and it’s the differences that makes people’s fashion sense unique.

“I like ripped jeans and vans because it looks good. I think it depends more on personal taste than grade, but all grades dress similarly if we’re talking about what is trending,” Freshman Maddie Donner said. (pictured above)

“Yeah, seniors don’t care as much,” Freshman Bridget Mullings added. (pictured above)

“I like gym shorts because I’m lazy and they’re comfortable,” Junior Madison Schultz said, adding that “Yes, freshman are less mature and seniors dress nicer.”

“I like denim skirts because they’re really cute,” Senior Mitzel Benitez said. (pictured above)

Freshman Rachael Myers (pictured above in a zebra onesie) said that she really likes bralettes (the lacey sports bra) because they look fashionable. Many students make bold statement with their clothing while others are more traditional.

No matter what a person’s fashion tastes are, it is safe to say that Greenway Girls have got it going on.