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No Potty for You; Buildings Without Restrooms


As students may have noticed, some buildings in this school do not have bathrooms. This could be an issue for some kids, as they do not like the walk; however, others may love it.

Freshman Renso Luviano, he said that it can be a distraction because it can take time away from doing work and the teachers want you to be in class the whole time in order not to miss anything. He also thinks that some teachers can pressure you to hurry. However, he does not think that it affects people still going to use the bathroom because some people do not mind the walk.

Freshman Kenyon Bowles said that it’s not an inconvenience and he said that he actually likes the walk because it gives him more time to himself. He also says that he does not think students care about having to walk because, “if you got to go, than you got to go.” Therefore, he does not think that the issue is really a big problem.

Mr. Feldman said that the reason some buildings don’t have bathrooms is because not every building needs a bathroom, and they expect that when students go use the restroom, they will do what they’re supposed to do. When students vandalize the bathroom, they have to shut it down and that bathroom is unusable for a while.

Mr. Feldman also said that it will not change because they will not reconstruct the buildings just to add bathrooms. There is also no specific reason as to why it was those buildings that didn’t get restrooms; they were just built like that. All in all, the bathrooms are placed where the designers think they will work best.

Mrs. Parrott said that she does not like it because it takes her away from her students. She said it can be frustrating when students are gone for an extended period of time, but does not think it will have an effect on students grades because if they really cared about their grade they wouldn’t abuse the bathroom pass.