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No Bees Please; Principal Wages War on Black and Yellow Army


Bees invaded our campus seeking sugar which tormented students and staff alike. As a way to fix this problem, the school decided to ban all sugary drinks in order to prevent bees from being a disturbance to the students and faculty. From August through October, the cafeteria will be providing water bottles for students instead of allowing them to use the soda machines provided in the new and improved cafeteria.

Many students have their own opinion on the banning of sugary drinks, but what does the principal think? Since we have a variety of drinks to choose from including water, milk, and the vending machines, along with students being able to¬†purchase beverages at QuickTrip, Mr. Vreeken said, “In general, I don’t think they’ve noticed, as long as it’s something is cold”.

Students believe that there are other ways to help stop the bee dilemma; for example, many have thought that lids would help, but that is not correct. “We have done that. Last year in engineering science, one of the experiments tested was¬†lids,” Mr. Vreeken said. He also stated that the strategy to keep the bees out using lids didn’t work because the bees outsmarted the lids. Another experiment they used was separating the trash cans by the material put in them but the bees still didn’t leave.

Some students were wondering where this idea came from, and Mr. Vreeken stated that it came from Thunderbird High School back in 2009. Since Thunderbird is next to mountains, they were also having a bee problem that led to the idea of temporary suspension of sugary drinks.

Some students are concerned about this sugary drink ban, but they can rest assured that this idea is only temporary; the sugary drinks will return when the temperature drops because “once the temperature drops, so will the range of bees,” according to Mr. Vreeken.

Students were also curious to know if any of the faculty or students have been stung by a bee, to which he responded with, “This school year? Yes, staff did. Last year, staff and students would get stung when they would empty their trash(food items).”

Bees were a constant threat to students but now with the sugar ban bees are no longer a concern, and there is peace once again on campus.