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Let’s Hear It- Greenway’s Got Spirit (at Fall Assembly)


On Friday, August 25th, Greenway High School held the first sports assembly of the 2017-2018 school year. Swim, cheer, golf, cross country, volleyball, badminton, and football were all acknowledged during the assembly, and various other groups performed. Greenway’s Student Council was in charge of organizing the grand event.

Many students had mixed thoughts about the Fall Sports Assembly. Most students loved the assembly.

Sophomore Sean Kelly said, “There was lots of fun at the assembly, and in general it was joyful and fun to watch.” ¬†People were happy about watching all of the fun competitions.¬†With all four grade levels showing off their school spirit, the assembly got everyone fired up (pictures taken by Demon Dispatch Photo Editor Spencer Llewelyn).

The swim team was introduced in front of the screaming crowd.

Greenway’s spirtline makes an impressive pyramid.

The band played the fight song with great pride.

Seniors (white), Juniors (black), Sophomores (Green), and Freshmen (Yellow) were playing a game where students had to be pulled through a human tunnel.

Adolpho Valeta shows off his riffle spinning skills.

The Volleyball team gets ready to throw mini-volleyballs into the crowd.

Varsity Football got introduced at the end of the assembly which got them fired up for their big win at Independence.