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Greenway’s New Dean is on the Scene


Greenway’s new dean, Angie Dobberphul, is off to a great start in her first year on the job. Mrs. Dobberphul came from Moon Valley where she taught and coached for many years.

What new rules do you want to enforce this year?

One rule she brings to our campus is the green pass. She used it at her previous school, and she is excited to bring it here for the students’ safety.

How did you act in school?

“I got all of my work done and attended study sessions so I could remain eligible and possibly earn scholarships for college. I was always a good student.”

What made you want to be the dean?

“I taught and coached for 12 years and always knew I wanted to have a career in education. I coached track and field as well as cross country. I know that I have impacted the kids, and I wanted to impact more kids at one time and continue to make a difference.”

Are you strict on your kids like you are on your students?

Yes, because my expectations are very high. All I want is for my kid to work hard and feel safe and that’s what I am going to do for all of the students here at Greenway; we are all a family. ”

What’s your background? 

“I’m from Northeast Ohio. I grew up in a small town (you would see tractors driving by on the road). I went to college for a bachelors degree in high school English. The high school I first worked at was Moon Valley.”

Are you excited or nervous to be the new dean here at Greenway?

“I am very excited to be the new dean because I have been ready to make a change and meet new people. I’ve always wanted to make a greater impact in education, and this a wonderful way to start.”

How would you compare Greenway and Moon Valley?

“Greenway and Moon Valley are really competitive, especially with sports. I always wanted to see what’s on the other side and how Greenway has dominated in that realm.” Campus wise, Moon Valley has these old, red brick buildings. When you look at Greenway, it has beautiful, new, updated buildings. It’s very impressive; and I must add that the staff is amazing.”

Do you think not having a police officer on campus is going to be a issue?

“It’s not going to be an issue because Greenway has a strong staff that will continue to make sure all students are safe and held accountable. Everyone here is like a family and I think that’s really astonishing, and I can’t wait to be a part of it and assist with keeping this campus safe.

What made you change schools?

Whatever school has openings for assistant principal positions is where I needed to go. They basically want to see if you would fit in at the school for the part you are trying to get in for. They hired me for the dean and I am thankful for that.”