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From Junior High to the Land of the Demons


High school can be a very nerve-wracking place. There are so many different things to be worried about, but there are also many things to be excited for. Despite the anxiety most freshman may feel, they also have things and/or people to help them with these fears.

Freshman Isabelle Holly states that while she didn’t feel welcome to Greenway at first, once she got settled in, she began to feel more comfortable because, as she said, “I’m not good with people unless I am comfortable with them.” On the other hand, Alyson Bustamante felt welcome,  saying “The upperclassmen are very friendly and helpful.”  Both Alyson and Isabelle came from Desert Foothills Junior High.

Many freshman also expect different things throughout the school year. Ciera Ladd (above) hopes the football games are “lit.” Taylor Brown (pictured below) expects to make more friends and be active in school activities.

Both Nadia Martin Del Campo and Lindsay Lafon predict to get worse grades than they did in middle school.  For some, their expectations may be high- for others, low.

Many can agree eighth grade was a fun year, but has the first few weeks of being a freshman already topped it? Taylor Brown feels high school is more fun because she feels more independent. Nadia Martin Del Campo, Alyson Bustamante, Ciera Ladd, Lindsay Lafon, and Isabelle Holly also think that being a freshman is more fun than being in middle school.

Many of the incoming freshman come from different schools. A big middle school that many freshman attended was Desert Foothills.  Coming from a school that many others also attended can make the transition into becoming a freshman easier because there are more familiar faces.

Cierra Ladd was worried about coming to a school where she didn’t know anyone. Nadia feels that even though she recognizes people from her old school, there aren’t that many she knows well. Even though many freshman may remember each other from middle school, it can still be difficult to find your place in high school.

Cafeteria food is often portrayed in movies and T.V. shows as “disgusting mystery food”; however, students can have varying opinions about the taste of Greenway’s lunch options.

Isabelle Holly thinks that there is a bigger variety, and the food just tastes better overall. Alyson Bustamante (pictured above) agrees. Some school food may taste bad but fortunately, Greenway doesn’t have that problem.

Many freshman start to face their fears as the first day of high school arrives. Ciera fears the attendance office; she hopes that she never has to visit it. Taylor worries about procrastinating too excessively and not doing well in her classes. Lindsay fears her grades will be bad.

In the end, freshmen worry about different things and look forward to different times in the year. Maybe the most exciting part of freshmen year will be a dance or a football game. For some, the most exciting part of freshman year could be when it ends. Although some freshmen may have anxiety at the beginning of the year, they will most likely have an amazing first year of high school.