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From Art to GSA- Have It Your Way


Along with the new school year comes all of the clubs and activities that start up. From chess club to Japanese club, each has a unique purpose and all of them are fun and exciting. Whether it be a hobby, community service, or just something plain interesting, Greenway students love to be a part of them.


The great thing about clubs is that everyone has a unique reason for joining them. In Art Club, for example, sophomore Angelina Rodriguez says that she joined because it is one of the only places that she can focus, work on her art, and receive inspiration all at once. She said that art is one of the things that she cares about the most, and it’s something exciting to try.

Sophomore Toni Marek said that she joined because she likes to be able to do things physically, create things, and she likes being able to get her hands dirty. Marek also tells us that it’s a great club to join because students get to do things that they don’t get to do in most of their other classes.

Another example would be GSA, also known as the gay-straight alliance club. The club is a safe place for students who are part of the LGBTQA+ community or just students who support the LGBTQA+ community, to hang out and have fun. One student who I interviewed said,” I joined because I needed a safe place to go. I just thought it would be nice to meet people that understood my situations and problems.” He said that it’s interesting because of the community in general: the fact that the people are so loving, welcoming, and willing to accept you for who you are is reason enough to join.

There are so many great clubs on campus to get involved with.