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Demons Dealing With Anxiety


Many people in our generation deal with anxiety issues, some even deal with them daily. Several Greenway students were asked about how anxiety affects them in their everyday lives.

Sophomore Dempsey Lunog said that she started getting anxiety some time last year. Things that cause her to become anxious are being around lots of people, walking alone, and meeting new people. Another thing she mentioned was that anxiety can cause problems with grades, social situations, and many other things. She mainly deals with social anxiety, but says there are some things that help her deal with it. She mentioned that taking deep breaths or talking to friends or family usually helps her get rid of her anxiety.

Another student here at Greenway, Sophomore William Clatone, said that he started getting anxiety when he was about seven years old, and that it has gotten worse over time. He sometimes gets anxious because people threaten him. “I usually don’t like showing emotion because I’ve been hurt,” William Clatone said. He also mentioned that he takes medication for his anxiety, and used to see a counselor for it. Some of the things that help get rid of his anxiety are seeing loved ones, or talking to his girlfriend or best friend.

Anxiety also causes him issues such as bad stomach pains, nausea, tiredness, spacing out, being easily annoyed, and not being able to focus. It even sometimes heavily affects his performance in school.  “Sometimes, I can barely hold a pencil. I’ll even cry instead sometimes.”

The last student interviewed about their anxiety issues was Sophomore Pooja Singh. Her anxiety issues began in 8th grade, and have gotten worse over time. Some things that give her anxiety are certain people, crowds, and even being looked at sometimes. She does see a counselor two times a month for her anxiety. Watching YouTube, playing with dogs, talking to friends, and listening to music helps calm her down. Pooja described the feeling of anxiety and said “It’s painful, heart-dropping, fearful, and exhausting.” She said that it affects how she feels in school a lot of the time and that her thoughts are somewhere else instead of being focused on what’s being taught in class. She often becomes anxious for small reasons, and if she wakes up with anxiety it ends up becoming constant throughout the day. The biggest issue with her anxiety is that it causes issues with friends, and makes it difficult to interact with people.

Anxiety can be a very difficult thing to deal with, but there are many ways to help get rid of it, such as talking to loved ones, listening to music, or maybe even just taking deep breaths.