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Demon Football is Back


Greenway has a long and storied past of excelling at football.  Although the team hasn’t been to the playoffs in several years, under the new management of Coach Ed Cook, things are changing.

In the young season the Demons are 2-0 with a big game looming at home against Thunderbird on Friday night.  Greenway’s offense was electric against Independence and Coconino scoring 47 and 46 points in dominating fashion.  The Defense is also greatly improved from last year making big stops to take any momentum from their opponents.

When asked about the preseason measures being taken in order to be prepared, Coach Cook said that they mainly focused on strength training, play running, and “a lot of film.”

Coach Cook said that his expectations for this year and going forward IS simply to have “a winning season” and he is very confident that our Demons will be able to achieve that this year.  When I asked Coach about the difference between Greenway and Mountain Ridge, his previous school, he said that the main difference was the school size.  Greenway doesn’t have nearly as large of a student body as Mountain Ridge but he said, to their credit, our players step up and take on more work.

When asked about specific players who have impressed him so far, he listed Tyler Duncan (QB), Parker Reeves (TB), Brody Jones (OLB), Blake Buche (MLB), Treven Lanam (DT) and Kevin Altmaier (G) as players who exceed expectations.  Finally, Coach Cook said the fans can expect “some hard nosed football” .