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Big Summer Improvements to Greenwayland


During the second half of the 2016-2017 school year, the construction for the new school cafeteria began. Once the year ended, the construction for the new student parking lot began. Now the 2017-2018 school year has commenced, and the final products are here for school use, but do you know why any of these new editions were necessary?

In an interview with Mr. Feldman, I was provided with some details behind the new editions to school. Greenway is a fairly new school in terms of when it was founded. Greenway was founded 44 years ago, in 1973. The old cafeteria was the same one that was built when the school originally opened. Most people would agree that a building as old as the school itself deserves some sort of renovation.

Now, the new cafeteria comes with the latest features in school dining such as speedy lunch lines, large dining space, fountain drink machines and a killer sound system. The new student parking lot has more spaces for students and allows for more visitors during sporting events.

Now the real question is this: what is involved in the process of getting projects like this approved? When I spoke to Mr. Feldman, he gave me insight into the specifics. Mr. Feldman said that the school has to get something called a bond approved, but Mr. Feldman wasn’t at liberty to disclose the district’s expense reports. However, he hinted that the project’s overall cost was in the range of millions of dollars. When making renovations, the district must also coordinate with city officials to get permission to go forth with the renovation, as city officials will most likely help with contracting and finding companies to do the work. Overall, your fancy new eating space and parking lot required a lot of work in order to be established.

I spoke with a few students from various grades about their thoughts about the new additions to campus.

Freshman Arianna Ortiz said she finds the cafeteria very nice and likes it a lot more than her middle school cafeteria.

Brandon Albin, a sophomore, said he likes the interior of the cafeteria and thinks the food is very good. Overall, students seem to have a positive vibe about all the great improvements to Demonland.