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The Girl on the Football Team


“I don’t have a ‘girl’ personality, so it’s not like a girl is on the team,” Freshman Jodi Madrid said. This year’s freshmen football team has an unusual member- a girl. Her name is Jodi Madrid and she says that she is one of the toughest football players on the team. Madrid has been into football for about eight years and plans on playing throughout high school. She’s the first girl in a long time to be on the freshmen football team at Greenway.

Madrid explained that she doesn’t remember why she got into football. ┬áIt’s just always been a part of her life. “My parents prioritize it. Football and school; that’s all they care about.”

When asked if she gets discriminated against, she replied, “Yes, a ton. I always hear those jokes about how girls only belong in the kitchen. You just gotta ignore them. I can’t quit or they’ll think I’m weak.” She went on to explain some bad things about being on the team. As the only girl, the guys never realize how much they cross boundaries. “They talk about guy things when I’m around, which I kind of just get used to after awhile,” she explained.

Madrid says even though she’s a girl, she doesn’t get less playing time than the rest of the team. “I hit hard, harder than most guys, and they know that,” she said. When I interviewed some of her teammates about what they think of Jodi being on the team, they all say it isn’t weird; they’re like a family.