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Report Card: Video Games



Portal is a puzzle game where you use portals. This game was the first of its kind, bringing interesting elements that have never been seen before. With killer robots trying to destroy you and endless traps to stop you from escaping the facility, Portal has captured the hearts of many gamers and has earned itself the title of one of the best games I’ve played. It is also multiplayer, so you can grab a friend and enjoy the madness together. Portal wasn’t made by any big name company, so it doesn’t get much of the attention it deserves.

HALO 5  (B)

Halo 5 is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game that is based around space. There are tons of different weapons to chose from; for example, there are human-made weapons and even alien weapons. You can drive cars with machine guns, ships with massive cannons, and tons more. This is also one of the largest multiplayer games of its time. However, in my opinion, one thing that would have made this game even better is a local play option, which is just multiplayer on the same screen.


Sniper Elite is a classic among FPS fans. The recent fourth installment brings many new elements. From X-Ray headshots where you can see the carnage you wreak, to super long shots to impress both friends and enemies, Sniper Elite 4 is hard not to love. The game also has amazing graphics, sound, and exciting gameplay. Sadly, it’s multiplayer mechanic is somewhat lacking.


Another awesome game that came out this last year is Overwatch. This game, which has won six awards, is a fun class-based FPS game, where your greatest weapons are your skills and teamwork. Escorting payloads and defending objectives are only a small part of the fun. You can also create your own games with your own rules and invite friends to play, or have it publicly known. With over 20 different and diverse characters and players from all over the world, it is no wonder that Overwatch is a favorite among many. Overwatch is always adding new maps, new heroes, and new features. However, a small problem with Overwatch is the constant fixes for bugs and balanced gameplay.


World of Warcraft is easily one of the most iconic and well-known games of all time. Over 10 million people all over the world play WoW (even the game’s acronym tells you its awesome). This MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is a mostly online game, where you can travel from continent-to-continent and world-to-world to fight monsters, bosses, and other players to become the greatest hero of your faction. With two factions, 14 races, 12 classes, and infinite possibilities to choose from,  there is always something to do in this game. You can even acquire legendary gear that can turn the tide of any fight.  The game does require and active subscription to play, but free accounts do give limited access. On a side note, this game is so awesome that it even got its own South Park episode.