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Favorite Childhood Movies


We all have that one movie from our past that we still watch because it’s so good. From Disney to Universal Studios everyone has a favorite childhood movie. Here are a few favorites of Greenway students:


Jacob Burden: the Sponge Bob Movie because I just liked it.


Alicia Davis: My favorite child movie is Finding Nemo because I love ocean animals.


Katie O’Connor:My favorite childhood movie is Parent Trap because I watched it with my dad.


Emma Karp: My favorite childhood movie is The Brave Little Toaster because it’s about house appliances going on a fun adventure. I also like it because it is an emotional roller coaster.


Makayla Jaffe: My favorite childhood movie is Halloween Town because I loved how the creators turned into real people and came to the real world and everyone realized they were harmless.


Sydnee Whitley: My favorite childhood movie is probably The Goonies because my dad showed it to me when I was super young, and I absolutely loved it. It’s super interesting and funny at the same time.