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Impact of Society on Demons






Many people are influenced by society. Some of Greenway’s students believe that today’s society is heavily influenced.

Makayla Jaffe had said, “I think we are heavily influenced by society, and it makes us do things we don’t want to do.  I believe that society makes us dress certain ways and makes us view ourselves as we are never good enough. Society sets standards that are very unrealistic for anybody. I believe that we have set perspectives for people’s bodies in a bad way, but we are trying to fix it. Technology is playing a large role in everything. Society is ugly; everyone is beautiful.”

Johnathan Renteria also had said, ” Society makes everyone seem like something else. Sometimes there are unrealistic standards set by society. I think society has put false images in people’s heads and is making people think that’s the way we should be or look like. Technology is a major part of our society, and I don’t whether it’s good or bad.”

Savanah Velasquez mentioned, ” Society created a monster. Social media is a major part of society. Society is honestly ruining our generation. We set unrealistic standards for our people; even the body images that are set are unrealistic. There are little girls wanting to have a sickly body image just because they want to be skinny. Society is what our generation is obsessed with. I need faith in humanity. Hopefully, it will change.”

Greenway’s view on society is brutally honest, but it is the truth. These are how some of the Greenway’s teens feel. Would you agree with them?