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Electives Make Greenway Go Round


Every individual has different versions of themselves. One minute they can be cool, calm and collected and the next they can be jumpy or super hyper. I went around and asked  Greenway students if they choose electives that allowed them to show sides of their personalities.


Parker Chinn said acting is one of his biggest passions and he wanted to have more knowledge of it. He has been in three productions total and said, “Acting is an escape. I get to create and define another person, then for a short while I get to become that person and leave who I am behind.”

Parker Chinn in The Breakfast Club

An anonymous student said she’s passionate for Engineering Science because she likes the “idea of being able to learn and make things that can help me in the future.” When I asked if it was something she would do as an occupation she said,” Possible, it can help. Like I can go into biomedical, or environmental engineering studies since that combines nature (something I love) and a good career, field engineering.

Luke Nelson said his passion is ROTC. “It is a more involved and more eventful organization. I feel like it’s a place where I belong. It pulls me out of my comfort zone, but at the same time keeps me comfortable in there. Also, I knew there were plenty of opportunities in the class and after graduation.”

NJROTC UNIT – Spencer Lewelynn


Austin Huffman, a passionate trumpet player, said “I enjoy it because out of all instruments I think I connect with it the most. It’s kinda hard to explain, but there’s so many things I love about this instrument. One of my main goals in life is to reach semi-professional skill on the trumpet because when played well its one of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard(I also have a $2000+ wishlist of just mouthpieces and such. Music is never cheap). High-school band was just a great open door to meeting so many great people;  Band is like a dysfunctional family at times and if you ask band kids they’ll tell you the band room is their home(even if the band director doesn’t completely approve of it). Also, I’ve learned trombone to get more into it and I’m trying to learn paining and improvisation so I can start to make my own music, as well, and contribute back to the art that’s done so much for me.”



Mackenzie Capulet said she expresses herself through art. ” I feel like when I take a picture of something, that my picture can motivate or inspire other people to find their artistic abilities. I was just recently given an opportunity by Wonder Magazine to travel the world free of charge as long as I take pictures of the places I go, and they can publish my pictures as often as they want. As an insensitive they offered to pay for two years of college, and I am still thinking about taking this opportunity.”