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Nickname Hall of Fame


A lot of people have a nickname here at Greenway.  Some are odd and some traditional. Check some of them out:

Freshman Genesis Lopez said, “The nickname people call me is Jenni. My grandmother started calling me Jenni when I was little because it rhymes with my real name. I have had this name since I was 2 yrs old.”

Freshman laNora Jennings said, “My nickname is Nora. The people who started calling me Nora are my mom and dad. They gave me this name just for fun. My parents gave me this nickname when I was born.”

Freshman Chelsi Mcintosh said, ” People call me Chelz for short. Everyone calls me it at school and at home-there is no back story on how I got it.  I don’t know how old I was, but I was little when they gave it to me.”

Freshman Julius  Hotchkins said, “My nickname is J-man. When I was on the football team the guys started calling me it. I really don’t know it just happened. When I was ten kids would call me J-man too. Everybody started calling it when they heard it from other people.”

Freshman Leonardo Evangelia said, ” Since I was twelve years old everyone called me Leo. My best friend started calling me it. Yes, I think the nickname is really cool. Since I have been called Leo so much, the name became special to me.