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Greenway’s Most Embarrassing Stories


Tyson Smith

“There was this person I liked and they found out. So I asked them out but they never said yes or no. Now every time we make eye contact in the hallways, it’s very awkward and we both look away quickly.”

Alexis Ortiz

“I was walking down the stairs and I saw a cute guy. I was staring at him, so I wasn’t paying attention to the stairs, and I fell down the stairs. The worst part was he saw me fall and he was laughing a little. Ever since then I’ve tried to stay away from him because that was probably the most embarrassing first impression I have ever had with a guy.

Jalin Simonian

“About two or three weeks ago I accidentally walked in on this girl using the restroom, and last week I walked in on her again. It was the same restroom and stall too. I don’t know why this keeps happening, it’s so weird. Now every time I go to that bathroom I stay away from that stall because I’m scared I’ll walk in on her again”


“I threw my leg up in the air and my friend caught it. I was just hopping around and somehow I managed to trip. I had a red Gatorade in my hand and I’m not sure how but I  managed to spill it all over me. I was walking around all sticky and smelled like Gatorade all day.