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Dress Code a la Mode


Students and teachers were asked how they felt about the dress code.

The librarian Ms. Reyes has dress coded kids that come through the library everyday if they are wearing something wrong. She says that the dress code is pretty clear and it doesn’t matter where you go- there will always be a dress code whether it’s a fancy restaurant or work. She doesn’t dress code kids to keep them safe.

Greenway Dean Ms. La Palm said, “Dress to be successful.”  Ms. La Palm has dress coded kids, and the school dress codes about five kids minimum a day. She dress codes kids because she has to make sure they’re dressed appropriately for school.

Senior Caleb Ocampo thinks that the dress code can be over exaggerated. He feels this way because the girls get dress coded than the guys do. He says on certain occasions, like showing shoulders, the dress code isn’t fair.  He thinks the teachers dress code the kids because their going off the guidelines.

Senior Nakia Jones doesn’t think it’s fair because some things guys wear inappropriate clothing also. She has been dressed coded for wearing a shirt that showed her bra straps.


Sophomore Samantha Hickenbottom thinks it’s completely bogus and sexist. She feels this way because guys are just the same as girls, so they shouldn’t get a pass because they don’t have a butt or boobs. She doesn’t think it’s fair that girls get dressed coded more than guys. She has been dressed coded when she was she was wearing a tank top with her bra strap showing.


Freshmen Mikah Knapp has been dressed coded once for wearing a shirt with a socially controversial message.


Sophomore Alyssa Thiel thinks feels that if she was dressed coded she would ask why and how they would like her to fix it.  Alyssa feels this way because if a guy was wearing something more inappropriate than what she got dressed coded for, she would complain to the principal because that’s extremely sexist and she would be offended that since she’s a female she shouldn’t wear some type of clothing that a male can wear.

English teacher Ms.Hamby has dressed coded kids. She dress coded them because some students forget this is a learning environment, not a weekend party or nightclub. She thinks students and parents should be aware that the schools dress codes for two main reasons: to assure that students aren’t distracted by the inappropriate clothing of other students, and to keep all students safe from harm. She thinks while clothing itself isn’t or shouldn’t put students in harms way- no one can predict the behavior of another. Therefore, dressing appropriately for school is the best option for all students.


Senior Jadon Madeo thinks the dress code is unfair. He thinks this because people must pay attention to what they’re wearing. He thinks it’s not fair that girls get dressed coded more than guys. He thinks girls are a higher standard than guys and that’s wrong, but life is unfair.