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Art Show Fo Sho


This year’s art show will blow your mind with the kind of work you see from our own Greenway students. From beautifully made drawings to cool clay made masks and food along with awesome figurines. Photography had a big part in it too. All gorgeous pictures of Greenway students and Tumblr like pictures of objects stole the show. Here are the ones that caught some eyes to win first place.


This masterpiece was titled “Best of show”. It was created by Grovann Vmasenor and was beautifully made by coffee and ink.

This was made by Isaiah Ware.


This was made by Ashley Miller and was creatively drawn with color pencil and ink.

This picture was taken by Michaela McGraw.

This picture was taken by Brady Mackey .



This was made by Kaylee Gulliver and was creatively painted with watercolor.

This was made by Madeline Jahrmarkt and was molten into clay.

This picture was taken by Daniel Navarro.

This powerful picture was taken by Karly Sampson.



This was made by Bronson Soza.

This was made by Tanner Kloostra with plaster relief.

This picture was taken by Christina Tang.

This picture was taken by Joel Casillas.



This was made by Karmine Rodriguez titled “Golden Love” and was beautifully made out of scratchboard.

This picture was taken by Ciara Snell.

This was made by Rebecca Owen and was creatively made out of celluclay.