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Dreams vs Reality


While growing up every kid has had some wild dream about what they wanted to do when they finished school. For example some want to be zookeepers, doctors, astronauts, celebrities ¬†etc. Many times kids change their minds to be more realistic or they found another interest and want to pursue their new interest. Some of Greenway’s very own have changed their minds at some point.

Adara Greathouse said, “My dream as a kid was to be an actress/singer. But now I am going to go to college and play volleyball and hopefully one day become a pro volleyball player.”

Mackenzie Meyer said, “While I was growing up I wanted to be in the Army but as time went on I decided that I wanted to become a physical therapist instead.”

Steven Weedman said, “I wanted to be in the NFL, but now I want to get a job that has good pay and that I enjoy doing.”

Jose Fernandez Compos said, “I had a crazy dream of being an astronaut, but as I have grown up I realized that it was unrealistic; however, now I do not know what I want to do, but I know I want to travel the world.”

Lorenzo Beltran Del Rio said, “Growing up I always wanted to do one thing and that is to become a United States Marine, and I have started that dream by enlisting in the Marines, and I leave for bootcamp on July 17th.”

From talking to people it shows that as they¬†mature their dreams change and become more realistic. However for some people their dreams don’t change, and they end up reaching their dream job, and they are happy with their decisions.