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NJROTC: A “Distinguished” Unit


Once Again, Greenway’s very own “Distinguished” NJROTC unit awarded and celebrated their very best for their hard-work, determination, achievements and personal contributions to the highly-praised program. The evening opened with the presentation of the colors by NJROTC’s color guard led by Conner Marjarucon, and Shania Infante’s vocal talent by singing the National Anthem. Principal Vreeken spoke at the event by acknowledging Greenway’s NJROTC and cadets for being “valuable members of not only Greenway’s community but also being valuable members of a much larger community…” he also thanked cadets for their personal contributions or help in and around Greenway such as, football¬†games, and other school events.

Cadets who pushed through a tough, yet rewarding year received medals and scholarships.

Commander Paula Sawdy-Bowes also spoke at the ceremony saying, “I am thankful for such an amazing company this year… for their hard work and dedication to making us a ‘Distinguished Unit.'”

This annual event commemorates mainly seniors in the NJROTC program by having them walk through a sword arch.