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Greenway Ink Will Make You Think


There are many pros and cons to having tattoos. Teachers and students on the Greenway campus were asked what they think about tattoos, and this is what they said.

Sophomore Robert McDaniel said that he thinks people should be allowed to get tattoos either at 16 with parent consent, or at 18 (without). He says that when he’s older he wants to get a “not huge, but fairly big tattoo” on his chest. He doesn’t think he will regret getting a tattoo at all. “Tattoos that just look cool are pointless; if you’re putting a permanent mark on your body, make it for a good reason.”

Mr. Mrozinski also had some things to say about tattoos. He got his first tattoo at the age of 18, about 22 years ago. He has eight separate tattoos and one big tattoo on his right arm.

There was only one tattoo he regretted getting. Because of the quality of it, he had to get it covered. He said that all of his tattoos represent something special. For example, he mentioned that his tattoos were about “life philosophies, passions, memories, and quotes he likes”. ┬áHe said that he would get more tattoos because there’d be more memories to celebrate. But he was nervous to get his first tattoo. ” I almost passed out. The artist had to stop and wait for me to feel better”.