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GBC’s Kenny Gondales Pushes the Boundaries


Kenny Gondales’ first video he ever made was in elementary school, which was a short action film. Then in middle school he made a video for the talent show. Which was a comedy skit inspired by popular Youtubers. Since then, his skills in video production have laid dormant until his senior year this year, when he began taking Film & TV 1-2, otherwise known as GBC.

He has been preparing for the film festival, while building his portfolio. He said, “All my videos recently have been heavily influenced by music.” His most recent video is a musical, directly inspired by La La Land.

GBC has everything beginning filmmakers need at a high school level. With cameras, software, and more, but he said, “None of that matters unless you know how to use them.”

Kenny Gondales produces some of the short films and music videos that are featured on the GBC. This school year alone he has made 14 videos, 4 of which have been submitted to the District Film Festival. All have won awards.

Gondales said there were multiple times that he was stressed out about making the video deadlines; some can take two to three weeks to produce. His music video for Death of a Bachelor, in particular, was very arduous due to scheduling.

He said his favorite part of making videos is hitting record. Gondales said, “When the camera is recording, and things start going on around you- that’s the best part.”

He also said, “The cameras are fine, but microphones and lights would really enhance the production experience for new filmmakers.”

Gondales’s plan is to attend film school at Huntington University and produce short films and possibly more music videos. Then move on to start a professional film career, along with pursuing other various passions in assorted artistic fields.

To see all of his work, and keep up with future projects. You can find it all on his Youtube channel in the link here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpihZ_oOLBRr9ijv7vqw4g

To keep up with him personally, follow him on Instagram @kenny_chiwa.