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Pregnant in High School


“I was mad and upset when I first found out I was pregnant. I would have had to have kept my pregnancy secret from my parents because if they found out I would have been kicked out of the house,” said an anonymous  Greenway student.

Principal Mr. Vreeken added, “It must be tough being a high-school student and being pregnant, but our policy here is to help students graduate.”


Greenway Counselor Mrs. Mattingly said that teenagers schedules hardly change. “When it’s close to a student’s due date, they do online classes, then come back later on.”

A pregnant Greenway student said, “I would have kept the baby even if I got kicked out of the house. I mean it’s my responsibility, and a lot of my friends were supportive.”


Greenway’s nurse Mr. Geirke said the symptoms of being pregnant vary, but the two most common ones are morning sickness and a woman’s period changes or stops. Other symptoms are:

  • mood swings

  • cravings of certain foods

  • headaches

  • feeling faint or experiencing dizziness
  • bodily fluids change

If a Greenway student thinks she is pregnant then there are many staff members who they can go to for support.