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Long Hours of Cheer Power


Some know the difficulties of cheer, but these girls hide it so well. These girls get to school by 4:55am to practice their routines. Most of the cheerleaders have said that it is time-consuming.

Freshman Madison Huddleston says,”Granted it is time-consuming; it’s worthwhile. I’ve been in spiritline for quite some time, and I’ll keep doing it until senior year.  Knowing that I can’t really participate in any other sports, I still went into it.”

Freshman Brittney Romero said, “I dropped out because it was so time-consuming. Also I wanted to just run track and field. I loved the coach but sometimes it was just too much. If I knew how much time it consumed, I don’t think I would of went into it in the first place. I had a good experience while I was in the Greenway spiritline though.”

These girls go to the extremes at times to make sure their routines are correct. It takes days of practice at times, but they all say that it’s worth the while.