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Mere Fears May Cause Tears


Greenway students were asked what their worst fear is, and some of their responses were very interesting. The questions are do they have nightmares and do they want to face their fear.

Sophomore Layla Nunez’s worst fear is getting lost at sea. She is afraid of getting lost in the ocean because open water scares her. Nunez does not want to face her fear; even though, she said that she doesn’t have nightmares.

Sophomore Ashley West’s worst fear is throwing up or swallowing pills. She’s afraid of swallowing pills or throwing up because once she swallowed peppermint disks whole when she was younger, and it made her choke, throw up and it was super painful. West wants to face her fear. West said that she starts to shake and cry if she hears someone getting sick.

Sophomore RG Forster’s worst fear is losing people close to her. She loves these people around her very much, and she would miss them dearly. Forster is afraid of losing her loved ones because she has a tendency of becoming extremely open and honest even with people she just met. She trusts them unconditionally and lets her trust grow until they give her a reason not to trust them. Usually they trust her back because of her behavior. She would face her fear since she already faced it after losing her best friend in middle school. She doesn’t really have nightmares, but occasionally a nightmare does occur, but they happened more often when she was little.

Sophomore Ahlysh Archer’s worst fear is bugs.  She is afraid of bugs because they freak her out and the way they look. She would not face her fear of bugs. She does get nightmares when she is afraid.  If a bug comes out of no where she will kill it.

Senior Irene Marie’s worst fear is losing everyone around her. She is afraid of losing people around her because she’s lost so many people in her 15 years of living, and she’s been alone half of her life. If she faced her fear she said that she wouldn’t know how to really react, and she would probably cry. Her fear does give her nightmares because her dad left her when she was seven, and she never wanted him to come back, but when she was seven she was scared when he left and she didn’t know what to do. If a family member she lost popped up out of nowhere she would try to her best to get them and try to make the person stay.