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Greenway’s Favorite Youtubers


There are tons and tons of youtubers out there. Some who do blogs, video gaming, challenges, and even more. Here are some of the Greenway students’ favorite youtubers.

Keegan Rhoads: Cory Kenshin is very funny, family friendly, and cool. He plays video games, and talks about them as he plays.


Jaime Ruiz: Cow chop is a youtube page that has vlogs about people’s days, and they also do popular challenges like the seven second challenge.  For example, a person may have to drink mustard for seven seconds.


Sarah Winborn: Shane Dawson because his videos are really creative. Shane Dawson tries products and talks about conspiracy theories and sometimes does vlogs. One time he tried baby food and it was really funny.


Jacob Burden: Pewdiepie is my favorite, and I don’t even know why. Pewdiepie is a very popular youtuber who does a wide variety of video games, and he sometimes does vlogs or challenges. One time Pewdiepie played a game called slither.io and it was really funny because he was trying really hard to eat the dots, but another snake killing him. He would start ranting cuss words and look dejected.


Audra Ware: Jacksepticeye because he is funny. Jacksepticeye plays video games. For example, he plays happy wheels which a game where you ride anything with wheels, and you die a lot. When Jackepticeye’s stick figures wipe out he laughs like a hyena being tickled with a feather.