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Animalistic Reincarnation


What animal are you?  Greenway students and teachers were asked which animal they most identified with.  Their responses are a bit primal.

Freshman Amanda Myers said, “My favorite animal is a panda because they get to be lazy and free all day. They are like big teddy bears. They are really lit animals. I have liked them for a while.”


Freshman Nathan Holguin said, ” The animal I like is a pit bull. Because pit bulls can protect your house, and they run really fast. I have liked pit bulls for three years. My favorite type is a blue nose pit bull. It’s a very cute animal.”


Junior Marco Armenta said, “My favorite animal is a Toucan bird because they are really pretty, and I love its colors. I have always wanted to fly.  I want the ability to fly really high.”


Freshman Emma Karp 
said,”My favorite animal is a turtle because it is slow like me. They are small and cute. My grandma showed me a turtle at the zoo when I was little. I have like the animal for five years.”


Ms. Kober said,”She loves dogs because they are happy and I want to be happy. They are very loyal, smart, and they get to stay home and sleep all day. She said, “Every day I like to come home and see my dog, but when I have to leave for work I hate to see her all sad.”


Mr. Mrozinski said, “The animal I like is the red tail hawk because I want the ability to fly. I have always wanted to fly, and the bird itself looks really pretty. I have liked the bird for a long time.”

If you believe in reincarnation would it be cool if you got to pick your favorite animal in the next life?