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Are You A Grade?


Grades are a major part of a teenager’s life. They for the most part determine who you’ll be, or what you’ll be doing in the long run. Can grades also say who you are as a person? Think about it, having straight A’s stereotypically means you’re a good person who is bound to go far in life. But if you have D’s, you’re automatically a burden to society and singled out in a bad way.

Sophomore Karsyn Wescott said, “I don’t think grades should equal who you are as a person, but instead the way you treat others should.  Building your character in a positive way and leaving others better than when you found them is crucial in today’s world also.”

“Students shouldn’t feel their self-worth come down when they don’t have an expected grade, for they should be judged by the person they’re growing into-Not a letter,” said an anonymous teacher.

Although many teens feel they have it rough with school and the grading system, many are also able to conquer through and prove themselves they have what it takes to reach the top in others’ eyes.

A grade is just simply something to prove to others what you know, and what you’re capable of doing. For what you receive is what you earned yourself.

How much you’ve improved matters, and grades also matter; however, they don’t define you and shouldn’t drop the self-confidence you have. If you personally feel you are working to the best of your ability, that’s all that matters.

Sophomore Jessica Botello said, “Nothing feels better than giving your all, and it being worth it. It’s a very satisfying feeling.” Of course many challenges come along, but pushing yourself through is evidently the best thing to do. Not only would you be proud of yourself,  but so will those around you.