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Coach Cook Comes Home to Lead Greenway Football


Greenway High School is getting a new football coach next year who’s looking to bring back a winning attitude for the program. Coach Ed Cook is very experienced and passionate, and he is excited to light a fire under the Greenway football team.


  • Q: What is your football coaching history?
  • A: I have been coaching high school football in Arizona for 22 years.  I have done just about everything you can as a coach- offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinator- and have been a head coach.  I have spent the last three years at Mountain Ridge High School serving as offensive coordinator.
  • Q: Why did you choose to apply to be the head coach at Greenway?
  • A: Well Greenway is my home.  I graduated from Greenway in 1988 and both my daughters Morgan and McKenzee Cook attend and will graduate from Greenway.  I feel professionally I am ready to be the head coach of a school with such a proud tradition.
  • Q:What do you love about football?
  • A: As a coach, nothing is more special to me than the bond that I build with my players. It is the ultimate team sport, and it takes special young men to train, sacrifice and execute to win games on Friday nights.  It’s hard on them mentally and physically, but it’s the hard that makes it great.

  • Q: Tell us about your own personal career in football as a player and what was it like when you played for Greenway?
  • A: I played football all four years at Greenway. My senior year we were the 2nd team in school history to qualify for the playoffs. We didn’t have any superstars, but we worked hard together and believed in each other and were able to put together a real good season. Personally, I was selected all-region tight end which was and still is a big honor for me.
  • Q: What are a few things that you liked about Greenway as a student?
  • A: We all just had so much fun in high school.  We were all about Greenway. I remember when you made Varsity football team. The Cheer and Pom team came to all the football players’ houses at like 4 am and took us all out to breakfast. We would all go to Jack in the Box after games on Friday nights and hang out. On campus we had a great staff. Not only were they great teachers, but they made life at Greenway memorable.

  • Q: What do you think will help turn this program around?
  • A: We need to get players believing in themselves and in each other. It’s hard when there is a negative vibe surrounding a program. We need to change that and start preaching winning and acting like winners. We need people around the program to be supportive and understand that these guys are going to work their butts off to prepare for a great season.


  • Q: What have you done professionally outside of coaching?
  • A: I have been a teacher for the last 22 years. I teach Physical Education and have taught Special Education.


  • Q:Do you have a coach that inspired you growing up and how?
  • A: There’s a long list of coaches. I think overall Mike Danielek had the biggest influence on me as a player and coach.  He was a hard coach to play for; he never gave many compliments, and he would push us hard, but come Friday night he was our biggest fan. It was like he would just let the dogs loose, and we would have done anything for his approval.
  • Q: What is your general plan to get our team ready before the season?
  • A: We have a lot of things to get done.  We have to install everything on offense, defense, and special teams, so we will be on the field and in the classroom.  Mostly we will be weight and speed training. We’ll have spring practice and training throughout the summer then to football camp in California. We’ll we start rocking after that!

  • Q: What do you think is one of your greatest strengths as a coach?
  • A: I know the game of football-the Xs and Os- but really it comes down to how you relate to kids and whether they buy into and believe in you as a coach/person.  I think this is probably my strongest asset.  I believe in my players, and I know they can achieve more than what they think is possible. I always bring a lot of energy to whatever I do and rarely will you find me being negative. Life is too short to be negative focus on positive and fix mistakes as we go.
  • Q: Would you share a funny coaching moment?
  • A: So when I was a head coach Morgan and McKenzee were my ball girls on the sideline,  and they were young maybe 5th-6th grade.  So they were standing on the sideline, and we made a huge play, and the players went running down the sideline right at McKenzee, and she was little at the time, and here comes the whole varsity team running right at her.  She threw the ball away and just dropped and curled into a ball on the sideline (she called it armadillo mode).  Players were jumping over and around her.  When they all passed she stood up and had this huge smile on her face; it was hilarious.
  • Q: What is the most frustrating part of coach?
  • A: Losing

  • Q: How important is it to you to beat Moon Valley and why?
  • A: It’s a big deal. We need to begin a state of dominance over Moon Valley.  It is not only for bragging rights, but we want kids to start coming back to Greenway to play football. You do that by beating your rival every chance you get.  Anytime Greenway and Moon Valley play each other in any sport there should always be a chant from the Greenway section- “We Win Everything!!!”