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Demons Dealing With Injuries


Many athletes at Greenway have dealt with injuries, some of which were probably pretty hard to overcome. Here are a few stories that many athletes can relate to.

Jacob Burden hurt his leg during wrestling season in late November. He said that the injury was a huge setback for him, and he can’t wrestle for 10-12 months. The injury was bad enough for him to have to wear a cast for four weeks and a brace for nine months.

Madison Kriner injured her ankle during swim season. She had been in swim for a year, and she said the injury was a big setback for her. It made her unable to practice and the injury kept her out for a month.

Jose Leon‘s injury occurred at the end of November during football season. It was a major injury and a big disappointment. He was out for two months and suffered a hematoma with a blood clot (on his leg).

Injuries are something that athletes have to deal with, and it can be really frustrating for them.  When someone puts so much time and energy into their sport to suddenly be sidelined, it can be a hard pill to swallow.