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Powder Puff Football Under the Lights


December 9th was a night of excitement for all Lady Demons as the two teams battled for bragging rights. The junior-sophomore(white jerseys) team defeated the senior-freshmen team(green jerseys) by a score of 8-0. The male cheerleaders and the audience cheered them on.

(Freniors and coaches : Mark Mettes, Andrew Do, Joey Duran, Alejandro Avila)

Mark Mettes, coach for the Freniors, gave insight into what he felt about the upcoming game saying, “I feel like it’s gonna be a really good game. We have great players and a great coaching staff. These girls really know what they are doing, and I hope we have a lot of support tonight. Good luck to the other team, but I know that we’re going to beat them.” They didn’t.


(Sophomores+Juniors with coaches: Greg Villaverde, Blake Buche,Kyle Aragon, Levi Hayes

Greg  Villaverde said, “I think it’s gonna be a good game with a surprising outcome.” If by surprise he meant that his team would win then he was correct.

“I’m doing Powder Puff to show school spirit, and I plan on doing Powder Puff every year until I graduate because of how fun it is,” said cheerleader Dustin Crennan before the half time show.

Male cheerleaders performed with Greenway’s spiritline, and the guys were trained all week by the spiritline.


Although, the Freniors played as hard as they could, they lost 0-8.