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Through the Uprights with Trevor Swartz



After 13 years of soccer, Junior Trevor Swartz decided to expand his athletic horizons halfway through the varsity football season by kicking for the Demons. It all started when his close friend Derek Fournier was injured, and the team was in need of a field goal kicker. Athletic Director Mr. Feldman knew just the athlete to fill Derek’s shoes. That person was none other than Trevor Swartz. So he strapped on his pads and popped on his helmet. Just like that, Trevor went from kicking soccer balls into a net to kicking footballs through the uprights.  


According to Trevor, “It’s the same motion as kicking a soccer ball.” However, once Swartz kicks off he has to be ready to tackle the runner with the ball.

“An offensive football tackle is much different from a soccer slide tackle,” Swartz said.

Trevor has now played in 2 games this season and is considering making his talent a permanent weapon for Greenway by playing next year. “This has been a fun experience,” Swartz said. 

When the Arizona Cardinals missed an opportunity to win their game on Sunday against the SeaHawks due to a missed field goal, Swartz was interviewed on Channel 12.  Swartz explained how making a field goal is not as easy as it looks.  To see the news story click on this link:http://www.12news.com/news/local/valley/the-art-of-kicking-field-goals/340890185